• The Party 2019
    If you wanna attend the Party 2019 with us please contact our email: contact@rexogaming.pro . the-party.nl
  • Manatee merchandise
    With 2019 coming up we have added a cap and a mousepad to our Manatee shop! Check out our collection here! www.manatee.gg/collections/rexo-gaming
  • CS:GO Main part ways
    Last week our CS:GO team told us that they didn’t wanna play for us since we didn’t support them enough in their eyes. We will be […]
  • Tweakers Gaming Live
    At 21-23 September we won the Reality lan. Getting prizemoney and a invite to Tweakers Gaming Live, this event will be held from the 9th till […]
  • REXO Gaming CS:GO Main changes
    Today we announce the departure of Merlin “Holy” Karmat from our CS:GO main team and he will be replaced by Tom “BrokenGears” Viet for the upcoming […]